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Charoite Gemstone

Charoite Gemstone

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 Your Charoite gemstone will be intuitively chosen for you.

Straight from Siberia, Charoite is an incredible stone of the Violet Ray with an almost tangible movement of energy flowing in magnificent swirls and eddies of violet, lavender and purple. It is rare and complex, one of nature’s best dream stones and illuminators, allowing access to lessons learned in past lives, healing emotional fears to live in the present, and opening to spiritual guidance for the future. Meditating with Charoite transmutes negativity and grounds to the spiritual self. It is marvelous for cleansing the aura and filling the chakras with emotional purity, allowing one to open the heart and see how we are all universally connected.  Charoite is an ideal crystal for acclimating to high-frequency vibrations and is highly beneficial for healers or others who work with these energies.

    Approximately 0.6 oz.

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