At Awaken Essential Oils we use only the finest organic therapeutic quality essential oils available. With 25 years of essential oil use and study, Certified Aromatherapist Stefanie Palmer creates blends for a specific divined purpose. As a “wholistic” product, many aspects of nature are taken into account. Phases and signs of the moon are used to help empower the intention of each blend. Crystals and Gemstones which correlate to each blend are soaked in Reverse Osmosis Water under the light of a full moon and provide an energetic base to each bottle. These high vibration blends are created in small batches ensuring a long shelf life and fresher oil. All ingredients we use are carefully sourced from around the world with a primary focus on sustainable and organic materials. With purity we bring you an array of essential oil products anointed with the highest vibration of love.

InJoy & Gratitude!
Stefanie Palmer RA, RM