Meet our Astrologer Heather Cohen

Introducing our new Astrologer Heather Cohen!  I am so excited to work with her and share her passion and gifts for Astrology and Tarot! Read more about Heather below:

Heather Cohen MA
Heather Cohen earned her Master’s degree in Expressive Arts Therapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies in January of 2000 and a certification in Mediation from the Washington School of Law.  She has been reading Astrology and Tarot for the last 12 years for individuals, couples, and at special events, in the California area.

She worked as an Art Therapist both nationally and internationally for 10 years. In 2009 she began studying Astrology, Tarot, and numerology reading. Heather combines her experience as a counselor and somatic therapist with her psychic channeling through the Astrology chart or tarot cards.  Heather is not a predictive Astrologer, she believes everyone creates their own destiny each day.  She uses her psychic ability to "channel" as well as Astrology/tarot to help guide clients towards the cosmic gifts and challenges that are available. Her readings integrate psychic, shamanic, and psychological information to give you the most complete and accurate guidance along with action steps for after the session.

Heather comes from a long line of Ukrainian and Spanish/Moroccan Jewish mystical readers, her culture is woven through her readings and gives them a unique flavour. Her readings are incredibly practical and mystical, creating a bridge between the psychological and spiritual realms of awareness. Her readings are wonderful for personal healing and awareness, helping unblock challenges in the realm of relationships, work, health, sexuality, and finances.  Readings create intimacy and connection, whether between couples, small groups, and larger events. Readings are inspirational and profound. Each reading includes astrology or tarot, psychic messages (clairaudience) and counseling.

Check out Heather's upcoming virtual event below!

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September Astrology 2023

Welcome to the month of September, completing Virgo Season and moving into Libra, this has been a crazy summer due to having a stint of both Venus retrograde in Leo and now Mercury retrograde in Virgo. By September 4th Venus starts moving direct though she is not in full strength until October. By this time relationship issues are now aired out, and if they are not completely clear at least the direction of the relationship both with yourself and your partner has become obvious, this is the same for any money issues that were unresolved. Venus simply asked you to take a closer look, refine and redefine what you value, who you value, and how you value your money and love. Because Leo needs so much admiration and validation, you may have had to look at self-esteem issues and how much you are letting your worth be defined by others rather than yourself. You may have had to step out more and be more courageous and prouder because Leo is also extroverted and playful, creative, and dramatic. 


With Mercury retrograde in Virgo until mid-September we are missing a lot of details and because it is an earth sign ruled by Mercury there can be many issues with breakdowns in the physical realm. Be sure to triple-check travel itineraries and all forms of mechanics and transport.  


The Pisces Blue Moon August 31 was the last of its kind until 2037 and was a doozy, hence the late Astro-weather forecast. 


With Mercury retrograde in Virgo, our Virgo Sun will be less potent more reflective and with now nearly every planet retrograde with Jupiter joining on September 4th there is an air of a little more peace and slowing down. In Virgo we may be more discerning, clean up our diet or daily routine and ground into our bodies and health.


The Virgo New Moon mid-September will bring new beginnings in things we have been learning, body health, and daily routines. Virgo has a sense of purity and clean healthy fun.  


Libra season Begins at the Equinox on Sept 21. This is a big shift in energy as Libra puts the focus on balance and pleasure, so there will be a lighter and more playful feel and a real feeling of new beginnings for most. The Aries full moon at the end of September is a bit of a different story. This fiery and dramatic full moon asks for the burning away of whatever is no longer needed. There can be some conflict and arguments at this time so be gentle with yourself and allow the power to move through without blockage. Stay tuned for the true beginning of the Aries Libra Eclipse story coming in October.