Meet our Astrologer Heather Cohen

Introducing our new Astrologer Heather Cohen!  I am so excited to work with her and share her passion and gifts for Astrology and Tarot! Read more about Heather below:

Heather Cohen MA
Heather Cohen earned her Master’s degree in Expressive Arts Therapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies in January of 2000 and a certification in Mediation from the Washington School of Law.  She has been reading Astrology and Tarot for the last 12 years for individuals, couples, and at special events, in the California area.

She worked as an Art Therapist both nationally and internationally for 10 years. In 2009 she began studying Astrology, Tarot, and numerology reading. Heather combines her experience as a counselor and somatic therapist with her psychic channeling through the Astrology chart or tarot cards.  Heather is not a predictive Astrologer, she believes everyone creates their own destiny each day.  She uses her psychic ability to "channel" as well as Astrology/tarot to help guide clients towards the cosmic gifts and challenges that are available. Her readings integrate psychic, shamanic, and psychological information to give you the most complete and accurate guidance along with action steps for after the session.

Heather comes from a long line of Ukrainian and Spanish/Moroccan Jewish mystical readers, her culture is woven through her readings and gives them a unique flavour. Her readings are incredibly practical and mystical, creating a bridge between the psychological and spiritual realms of awareness. Her readings are wonderful for personal healing and awareness, helping unblock challenges in the realm of relationships, work, health, sexuality, and finances.  Readings create intimacy and connection, whether between couples, small groups, and larger events. Readings are inspirational and profound. Each reading includes astrology or tarot, psychic messages (clairaudience) and counseling.

Personalized Aries/ Libra Eclipse Readings with Heather 30 minutes for $85.00 ~ Find out how the eclipses will affect your relationship with yourself and others! 

Aries and Libra fall on the I/We axis of the zodiac, Aries rules courage, independence, aggression/conflict, leadership, dynamism, autonomy, independence, optimism, direct expression, athleticism, physicality, starting strong but with hard time finishing.  While Libra on the opposite pole rules tolerance, fairness, beauty, fine arts harmony, working together, partnership, indirect expression, codependence, conflict avoidance, diplomacy, compromise. 

These eclipses act as catalysts for needed change when they aspect your personal chart and usually bring new elements in and wipe away old obsolete elements depending on where they fall in your chart.  If your sun moon or rising signs are in Libra Aries Cancer or Capricorn (your birthday falls near a solstice or equinox) you will feel it most.  It will also affect your Venus and Mars relationship houses so Aries or Libra here will be very dynamic as well. 

Find out where the eclipses fall in your personal chart and how they will affect your relationships to yourself, your body, your work, your children, partners, etc. 

Remember that the eclipses and the cosmos itself are perfectly aligned, so something shifting in your life is always to bring greater flow, harmony, and alignment to you, nothing to be afraid of! 

Heather Cohen MA

(541) 231 6353

Hello Stargazers and Astrology Lovers.
So this is our final Astrology report for 2023.  I hope everyone had a beautiful Thanksgiving full of gratitude for all the blessings we experience. December brings us into the sign of Sagittarius the Archer.  Sag is very upbeat, ruled by expansive Jupiter, the lover of adventure, higher learning, philosophy, spirituality, the optimist, and the one who trains their arrow on a goal and then lets it fly with pure faith. Sagittarius is the ruler of faith in the goodness of life, the goodness of ourselves, and the goodness of other humans and creatures. 
We start the month with Venus moving into Scorpio December 4, get ready for the heat!  With Venus in Sexy Scorpio explore your deeper intimacy needs and sexual desires, time to get really personal.  Thankfully Neptune leaves retrograde on December 6 restoring our faith, especially in relationships.
 Mercury in Capricorn, for a short stint before he goes retrograde on December 11, double check all flights and travel plans as Mercury can throw a wrench in the best laid plans, print out all itineraries in early December, in case they get "lost" or a phone, car, or computer needs some technical help.  Mercury can also affect people's communication style, so extra care and compassion if your loved ones come out of left field with wonky comments.  Mercury Rx is really here to have us slow down and review everything before moving forward.
A beautiful new moon in Sag December 12 will help you gain new perspectives on your goals.
Another wonderful holiday treat Jupiter ends his retrograde in Taurus, so whatever house Taurus resides in your chart will get a positive and expansive boost from Jupiter, starting December 30.  It's a beautiful way to end the year.  Enjoy whatever you are doing to the fullest.