Kara Ware

Kara Ware is a Functional Medicine, Nationally Board-Certified Health Coach who has worked in conventional and functional medicine practices for 20 years.  Kara’s nearly two decades of healing the underlying causes creating her son’s terrifying autism behaviors/symptoms make her a genuine pioneer in the field. Her coaching skills and deep understanding of the patient experience allow her to reliably help patients and parents of patients navigate their unique change process toward repairing harm from chronic inflammation and restoring function, well-being, and freedom.

Autism can be Hard
With 1 out of 44 children now diagnosed with Autism, more and more families are struggling with Autism. Consequently, families are often living with financial crises, family divorce, siblings that are struggling, multiple prescription drugs, harm from ill-timed medical interventions, trying everything and having nothing work, learning how to manage behaviors that are unmanageable, dangerous behaviors, aging out of services, institutionalization, and even giving up custody of their child to the state. In today’s world, there is so much information that families wonder what’s right for them. Kara wrote the Hope for Healing workbook in collaboration with Dr. Paula Kruppstadt, MD, functional medicine pediatrician. The workbook guides families to create, implement, and sustain a personalized family care plan that is right for each unique family circumstance to place symptoms of Autism into remission. 

Find the Hope for Healing Workbook here!
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"Our family refers to Kara as the Autism Whisper. She genuinely understands how to take entire families through designing, implementing, and sustaining root-cause family care plans. If I had approached working with Kara with all my baggage from past attempts and failures, I would NOT have achieved the success that I have.”   -Nancy B 

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A New Narrative for Healing Autism with Kara Ware