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Orange Selenite Gazing Ball with Copper Stand

Orange Selenite Gazing Ball with Copper Stand

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This Orange Selenite Gazing Ball comes with a copper stand. 

Selenite is a form of crystallized gypsum. This mineral inspires clarity of the mind, expanding ones awareness of self and of ones surroundings. While Selenite is an ancient crystal, it is one of the most powerful for the new vibration on earth, attuned to the greater good of all beings. It is a beautiful means for accessing and grounding the Light Body of an individual, and for opening one to the higher levels of Self. It encourages a friendly, productive atmosphere and is marvelous for use in the home or workplace. Selenite brings divine light into everything it touches and stimulates the clearest state of mind attainable, where all thoughts entering the consciousness come from the Source and are direct reflections of pure spirit. It is a great crystal for grounding angelic energies or to aid Earth healing. Selenite may be used access past lives. It may also provide access into the future of ones current life by rubbing the sphere with the pad of the thumb during the activation process in meditation. Images may be shown to you at this time if your life continues in the course of progress it is currently on.

Spheres are known to send energy in all directions. They are often used as "windows" to faraway places, both past and future and used in "gazing" in order to assist one in the evaluation of a present situation or circumstance. The use of crystals and stones to see into the future and to determine the answers to questions has a long history in many cultures. Crystal gazing is when one gazes at the reflective surface of a crystal or into the interior of a crystal or crystal ball. To practice crystal gazing, find a quiet spot, empty your mind and gaze into the surface or interior of your crystal. Wander around in the reflections or the interior and allow your mind to find triggers and patterns that pertain to the question at hand. Practice a couple of times a week. You will likely be surprised at what you learn. You might think that crystal gazing is only for specialists or highly trained practitioners, however, you can do it! The gazing is in your mind, the crystal is just a tool. Crystal gazing is focused day dreaming. Try it, you will be quite honestly surprised by yourself.

Diameter: Approx. 1.25 inch

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