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Hope for Healing Workbook (E-book)

Hope for Healing Workbook (E-book)

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The Hope for Healing workbook is a collaboration between Kara Ware, Functional Medicine, National Board-Certified Health Coach, and pediatrician Dr. Paula Kruppstadt, MD, IFMCP, to guide families through creating, implementing, and sustaining personalized family care plans to address and heal the underlying root causes creating today’s chronic conditions and developmental delay epidemic.

Use this workbook as a standalone guide or contact Hope for Healing to learn more about Kara’s group coaching series and Hope for Healing’s phases of care.

About the Author, Kara Ware, NBC-HWC

Kara Ware has worked in conventional and functional medicine practices for 20 years.  Kara’s nearly two decades of healing the underlying causes creating her son’s terrifying autism behaviors/symptoms make her a genuine pioneer in the field. Her coaching skills and deep understanding of the patient experience allow her to reliably help patients and parents of patients navigate their unique change process toward repairing harm from chronic inflammation and restoring development, function, well-being, and freedom. She is currently leading group coaching series at the functional medicine practice Hope for Healing. 

Hope for Healing Functional Medicine Practice

Hope for Healing is the practice of Dr. Paula Kruppstadt, MD (Dr. K), a board-certified pediatrician also certified in functional medicine. At Hope for Healing, Dr. K and her team offer Functional and Regenerative Medicine consultations (all ages) and Functional Approach to Pediatric Primary Care (newborn through 21 years). The medical team generates personalized treatment plans based on each person's nutritional and biochemical imbalances and unique genetic fingerprints. 

To learn more about functional medicine and Hope for Healing’s phases of care, schedule a welcome call. Hope for Healing is a Texas-based practice, however, can work with families across state lines and internationally for the first two phases of care before establishing a doctor-patient relationship.

Schedule a welcome call!

About Functional Medicine
1 in 6 children has a developmental delay. 60% of adults have at least one chronic condition. Our nation’s well-being is under attack. Fortunately, more than two decades ago, visionary medical providers and researchers began to investigate nutrient deficiencies, insulin resistance, mitochondrial health, autophagy, neurotrophic factors, metabolic abnormalities, dysregulated immune system, toxicity, overgrowth of gut pathogens, and other neuro and biological imbalances with diagnostic labs for the purpose to learn how to help place symptoms into remission and restore function.  These visionary thought leaders created a new medical model that addresses the root causes of disease rather than attempting to manage it across one’s lifespan. To learn more, visit 
The Institute for Functional Medicine.


We honor those families who celebrate their children's Autism. Our children were clearly in pain, and our lives quickly became nightmares.

The information is for informational purposes only, is not a substitute, and does not render medical or psychological advice, opinion, diagnosis, treatment, or cure. The information provided should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease. It is not a substitute for professional care. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you have regarding your medical condition and treatment options. 

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