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Amethyst Obelisk

Amethyst Obelisk

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Amethyst is a healing stone that offers wisdom, healing, and protection from harm. Called the stone of spirituality, amethyst calms the mind while allowing the Soul to Awaken. Amethyst reminds us that we are one and that as we open to our abilities, we are helping others to do the same. It lifts us to the next level of our spiritual development!

Obelisks were originally built in pairs and located at the entrances of ancient Egyptian temples. Originally, obelisks were called tekhenu. The first one appeared in the Old Kingdom of Egypt around 2,300 BCE.

The Egyptians would embellish all four sides of the obelisk’s shaft with hieroglyphs that included religious dedications, most commonly for the sun god Ra, as well as tributes to the rulers.

Obelisks were thought to be the representation of the Egyptian sun god, Ra, because they followed the movement of the sun’s journey. Ra (the sun) would appear in the morning, move across the sky, and disappear again in the darkness with the sunset

Following the journey of Ra across the sky, obelisks would serve as a sundial, and the time of the day was indicated by the movement of the monuments’ shadows. So, obelisks had a practical purpose as they were essentially a way to tell the time by reading the shadow that it made.

The obelisk-shaped crystals purify energy by amplifying it and focusing it through the pointed end of the crystal, or the apex. It’s thought that these crystals help acquire and maintain good mental, physical, and emotional balance, and dissipate negative energy.

Approximately 2 x 1 x 1 inches

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