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Using Essential Oils and Aromatherapy to Balance the Chakras

To explore how essential oils can balance our primary chakras, we first must know what a chakra is.  When translated from its native language of Sanskrit the word chakra comes closest to the english word wheel.  A chakra is commonly referred to as an energy center or vortex and resembles a wheel of color spinning in a clockwise direction when in balance.  Every primary chakra has a unique color and frequency corresponding to it.  Here we will discuss the seven primary chakras which are connected to a specific region and nerve center of our body.  These chakras interconnect our physical and spiritual selves.  When imbalanced the chakra may spin too slow, too fast or become blocked and can effect us on all levels of our being (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual).  Why would we use essential oils to balance our chakras you may ask.  Since essential oils vibrate at a higher frequency, they too encourage our body to raise its frequency when used.  This results in our ability to resonate at a higher state therefore inducing health and well being.