New Moon Box

Our New Moon Blessed Be Boxes are designed to empower you to honor the moon cycle and manifest your desires. They're packed with products that are aligned with the new moon energies to support you throughout the moon cycle. Each New Moon Box is individually curated, with items chosen to resonate with those specific energies of the new moon. 
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Inner Strength is our next box for the New Moon in Capricorn. This box is all about building your dreams, using your energy wisely, cultivating inner strength, and being earth-wise. We’ll be sure to pack it with goodies, astrology, a ritual, and a special meditation link to help you harness the immense power and strength of the Capricorn new moon.

Even though we’ll be facing some serious and strenuous times (Pluto and Saturn conjunct in Capricorn), we can still persevere with our dreams intact. We just have to be aware of the limitations so we don’t not fall prey to the fears associated with them. Inner Strength will help you use the positive energy of those aspects, trust your process, and plan your success. It’ll help you keep moving forward with the positive growth you created with this fiery Sagittarius breakthrough. 

  • Every New Moon Box contains 6-9 items with a value of $77 or more and ships free!
  • Always vegan and cruelty-free!