Blessed Be Box

Blessed Be Box – offering an enchanting ‘ritual in a box’ for every solstice, equinox, and cross quarter day. Our beautiful and inspiring boxes contain all the materials you’ll need to create a meaningful and spiritual holiday experience.
The first box, for Winter Solstice/Yule, features materials and a ritual to help release the old solar year and start fresh, with renewed clarity and purpose. With the return of the light, we’ll ask our higher selves to shine brighter in our lives.
This box will arrive at your doorstep about two weeks before Winter Solstice, and
will be packed with eco-safe goodies including an organic esssential oil blend
from Awaken Essential Oils and crafted with this ritual in mind, an eco-palm wax
candle made with organic essential oils, bath salts with herbs inspired by the
ritual, a stone that resonates with the frequency of the higher self, a post-ritual
treat, and much more.
Our boxes are made with Mother Earth in mind and the highest standards for you
and your health. All of our consumable products are organic and vegan, and only
compostable or recyclable materials are used. Living lightly on the earth is an
inherent part of our mission.
Your Blessed Be Yule Box – 'The Rebirth of the Soul' will include the following items:
2 Exclusive Aromatherapy products by Awaken Essential oils
1 Gemstone
1 Gemstone Jewelry
1 Organic Vegan Snack
4 Additional items for Yule Ritual use
And an Exclusive Yule Ritual lovingly created by Astrea Taylor, the pagan blogger Starlight, and author of the forthcoming book Intuitive Witchcraft (due in 2020).