Blessed Be Wheel of the Year Box

The Blessed Be Wheel of the Year Box – offering an enchanting ‘ritual in a box’ for every solstice, equinox, and cross quarter holiday! Our beautiful and inspiring ritual boxes can help you create a meaningful and spiritual holiday experience. They're perfect for everyone, from the beginner witch to the adept practitioner.

Each box contains a crystal gemstone, a candle, aromatherapy items (specially blended for the holiday by Stefanie Palmer, Registered Aromatherapist), and a digital ritual for the holiday! All rituals are lovingly created by Astrea Taylor – the pagan blogger Starlight Witch and author of Intuitive Witchcraft (Llewellyn Worldwide 2020). 

Our next holiday will be Ostara with the theme Mystical Balance. At the time of the Spring Equinox, around March 20th , we celebrate Ostara and Mystical
Balance. It is a time of darkness and light, spring flowers, rain, and poise. This box includes organic aromatherapy, a special detox tea, selenite egg, candle, yerba santa wand, a gorgeous pendant and more!

Our boxes are made with Mother Earth in mind and the highest standards for you and your health. All of our consumable products are organic and vegan, and only compostable or recyclable materials are used. Living lightly on the earth is an inherent part of our mission.

Our next holiday shipment for Ostara is early March!



"I gifted this box to myself to try it out. I fell in love with the 1st box (Yule). I received items that are the norm for most pagan/wiccan boxes but the energy coming from these is just fantastic. Positivity emanates from this box. Without going into too much detail to spoil it for others, I received... bath salts, a ritual oil, an herb, a crystal, a jewelry piece, a candle, a candle holder, a sage bundle, an altar item, a snack, and a ritual scroll. Everything you need for the Yuletide ritual. The oil smells amazing and the crystal is gorgeous. In my opinion, though, the ritual scroll is one of the best things in the box. It is full of information that you need for the ritual and detailed in a way that allows you to put your self into it. The best word I have to describe this box is "special". It feels special and makes me feel special. I hope future boxes have this same feeling. I fully intend to subscribe after my gift subscription is over. Well done Blessed Be Box! I can't wait to see what you do in the future!"

Wendy York

"This box was wonderful! I have subscribed to many other witchy boxes and this one is top notch especially for the price. You really get everything you need for the ritual, making this the perfect box for newbie witches or anyone who needs inspiration for celebrating the Sabbats. Can’t wait for Imbolic."
Krista Elway